Social Welfare

Social Welfare Programmes


The Eighty Club of Melbourne, Burgher Association of Australia, Burgher League of Western Australia and the DBU have had many years of working together for the betterment of the Burgher community in Sri Lanka. Over the years, a strong bond has developed between our organizations and through our joint efforts, we have been able to assist many Burgher families in numerous ways. The DBU has become the focal point for the needy of our community and the Welfare sub-committee conducts interviews and visits homes before recommendations are made to provide assistance.


Eighty Club of Melbourne

The present quarterly remittance from ECOM ranges between Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.8 million, which is distributed among the various categories. In addition to these, a mid-year bonus and a Christmas bonus is gifted to the Welfare Beneficiaries, as well as funding provided for a Christmas party for all the sponsored children.



(a) 192 Welfare Beneficiaries receive a sum of Rs 4,500 per quarter and if they live with their spouse, an additional Rs 2,250 is paid. There is also a sum of Rs 600 paid as a family allowance if they are looking after a child with disabilities.



(b) 122 Children from the Montessori level to A/L also receive a quarterly allowance for their education. A/L students receive as much as Rs 6,600 per quarter.



(c) Post Education – This is a one-off payment for a young adult who wishes to follow a course of his or her choice. Many young people have been assisted through this scheme and have found lucrative employment.



(d) An Emergency float of Rs 10,000 is available at the DBU for those who visit the DBU with a problem that needs immediate assistance.



(e) Four adults with mental health disabilities are assisted on a monthly basis with an allowance of Rs 800.


Burgher Association of Australia

The equivalent of A$ 60 per child is distributed to 77 children quarterly for their education as well as support provided for two adults with disabilities.



Burgher Welfare League of Western Australia

17 Welfare Beneficiaries at Rs 3,000 each every quarter
A grant of Rs 10,000 to St. Nikolaas’ Home every quarter


The Forgotten Peoples Fund

The Forgotten People Fund was initiated by the late Mr Arthur Eric Keneuman in 1974 to help the less fortunate Burghers in Sri Lanka. Since 2001, this fund has been handled by Dr Arthur Anderson and his wife Lorraine. Approximately Rs 80,000 is received annually and is used to assist the needy folk who do not receive a quarterly allowance during Christmas and also throughout the year when they make casual calls to the DBU Office, and prove that they are in need.



DBU Child Educational Sponsorship Project

88 children are sponsored by DBU Members and well-wishers. The sponsorship ranges from Rs 500 per month to Rs 1,000, which is paid on a quarterly basis.



A.E.Christoffelsz Legacy

The A.E.Christoffelsz Legacy Child Educational Sponsorship Project was inaugurated on 24th June 2006 and 32 children over the age of 10 were interviewed and selected. The numbers have since grown and we now sponsor 49 children throughout their primary and secondary education upto the Advanced Level standard.

Thereafter they will be funded to follow any course of their choice so that they would be better equipped to face the future and gain fruitful employment. There are two categories under this post educational scheme depending on the type of course the student chooses (1) Diploma Scheme and (2) Professional Scheme. Under the Diploma Scheme four children have already been funded to follow different courses leading to a Diploma, while under the Professional Scheme one child is being sponsored to follow a degree in Architecture.