The Dutch Burgher Union
114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 4.
Telephone Nos: 2584511, 5331661

Newsletter – April 2006

President’s Message

Fellow Members, Friends,

I thank you all for the confidence placed in me to serve as your 98th President for the year 2006/2007; I am honoured and proud to be the President of the DBU.

I would not have been able to achieve most of my ambitions for the DBU if not for the fact that my talented and capable committee rallied round me with active participation. I thank the Treasurer David Grenier and Secretary Holly Ohlmus and the General Committee for their dedication, hard work and unstinted support. Thank you for a job well done. My heartfelt thanks go out to Stephen LaBrooy and Dallas Martenstyn for their untiring and invaluable efforts which helped me tremendously. One has only to visit the bar and lounge area to see the remarkable facelift that has taken place and observe the vast improvements in the rear verandah – in just 9 months!

I also thank Mohan as Manager, Etienne as Administrative Secretary and Jerome the Barman, not forgetting Kapila and Subramaniam. They all have long and often irregular hours and always obliged us in whatever work we have asked them to carry out. We do appreciate them – thank you all for your help and support.

The bar sales and members subscriptions show a profit of 100%. The car park and hall hire also show a substantial increase in income. The lamprais profit in just 1 ½ months in 2005 shows a profit of over Rs.60,000/=. We hope all these profits will increase in the future. The increase is a direct result of improvements and activities conducted by the DBU for its members.

I would like to now quote one of the Objects’ of our Union –

“To inculcate in the minds of the youth of he Dutch Burgher community principles of fellowship, self-help, self-reliance and thrift; to foster and encourage by financial aid, when necessary, talent and industry in those who are deserving and to relieve, by charitable help, distress and want among those of the Community who may be in destitute circumstances”

I would like to place before you today my vision to achieve some of these objects. I hope to initiate this year a scheme whereby the youth of our community would be better equipped to gain fruitful employment. As you no doubt would have read in the Annual Report we presently sponsor 68 children upto A/L standard. This year I hope to upgrade this sponsorship scheme enabling these children to attend courses of their choice, specially to become computer literate and to enhance their English speaking capabilities. This will be funded by the A.E. Christoffelsz legacy, in keeping with the late Mr Christoffelsz’ Wishes.

Also, during my presidency last year, I spoke to many old and feeble people of our community. Many of them had no homes nor did they have a regular income. As you are aware, the DBU is a focal point for the community and these people come in search of assistance. This year, with your help and support, I hope to initiate a scheme and pay these people a quarterly allowance. You will receive, in due course, a letter informing you of the details. I trust you will join hands with me and make this project a successful one.

Another project very close to my heart is the upgrading and modernizing of St.Nikolaas’ Home. We are also looking into the possibility of building a second home for ladies and gents of our community, a little away from Colombo, with better and more modern facilities. We have already commenced looking at suitable properties and the membership will be kept informed of our progress. This too will be funded by the A.E. Christoffelsz legacy in keeping with the terms of this legacy.

Finally, I am happy to say that with the new Constitution we have brought in 30 new Invitee Members and the DBU is once again a happy thriving place for our community. Whatever we do we need your support and on these we must rely on to make this another “standout” year “par excellence” – teamwork and transparency are the essential ingredients that will ensure our success together. Thank you and God Bless you all!

Ms Kem Martenstyn


Welcome to a whole new world of adventure and culinary experiences!

This year we are going to take you on a trip around the world! Our first stop’ is Thailand for Bingo and dinner on Saturday, 22nd April 2006 at 8.00 p.m.

Thailand is famous for its Floating Market, Temples, Silks, Orchids and vegetable carvings. We have chosen a selection of mouth watering Thai food – Exotic spices are used in imaginative and delicious ways. A great temptation for lovers of Hot and Spicy food. Please do come dressed in Thai style, Malaysian sarong and top, or anything Asian in keeping with the theme.

As usual there will be a special snowball prize of Rs.1,000/= Exciting Prizes to be won! It will be Bingo all the way! Who will be the luckiest of you all this evening? First game commences at 7.00 p.m.

We hope you will join in the spirit of the evening and look forward to seeing you! We will endeavour to do our best and give you something different – A touch of Thailand!

Welcome drink
Steamed Rice (Khao Suey)
Green Chicken Curry (Kgeng Khieu Kai)
Thai Chillie Fish (PIa Cian Prik)
Vegetables in Oyster Sauce (Sub gum yuk)
Kan Kun & Garlic (Kan Kun Yang)· Cucumber salad (Yam Tang Kwa)
Thai Shrimp Sauce (Nam Prik) Dessert –

Fruit Salad in Melon Bowl and Ice Cream

All this for only Rs 400/=. Guests are welcome. Bookings should be made before 19th Apr.2006.
Telephone the DBU Secretariat – 2584511.

Member participation was poor last year and we hope we will have more members joining in all the activities planned for the ensuing year.

Principal Office Bearers:
President: Ms Kem Martenstyn
Deputy President: Mr Mervyn Anderiesz
Secretary Mr Vernon Muller
Treasurer Mr David Grenier

General Committee: Ms Jackie Anthonisz
Mr Michael Anthonisz
Mr N.D.C. Austin
Mrs Zorina de Alwis
Mr Monte Holsinger
Mr Stephen LaBrooy
Mrs Fleur Mack
Mr David Martenstyn
Mrs Anthea Muller
Ms Carol Prins
Mr Warren Solomonsz

Ex Officio Members: Mr Godfrey de Kretser
Mr Scott Dirckze
Mr RG. Poulier


Burgher delicacies available during the Holiday Season, commencing Saturday, 15th April 2006 and thereafter every Saturday and Sunday Freshly baked 2 lb Breudhers, home made Ginger Beer, Beef Smore, Foguetti and more.


A record number of one hundred (100) members and Members by Invitation participated at the AGM. Thank you!