The Dutch Burgher Union
114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 4.
Telephone No. 2584511

Newsletter – October 2005

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Member,

Our annual picnic was a great success and those present had a wonderful time with loads of fun. We traveled comfortably in an air-conditioned coach and sang all the way to Tangerine Beach Hotel! It was a relief to get away from the hustle and bustle and heat of Colombo and to let our hair down away from it all. From the laughter and chatter it was evident that all members young and not so young mixed freely and a great sense of fellowship prevailed.

We played cricket, swam, sang to the music provided by Darlan Perera and found time to also play two interesting games – and the Ladies Derby was the grand finale of the day, organized by Holly Ohlmus – thank you Holly.

Soon it was time to leave for home after what everyone agreed was a wonderful fun filled day!

My thanks to everyone who joined us.

Till we meet again on October 22nd at our Founder’s Day celebrations.

Yours sincerely,
Kern Martenstyn

Thank you

Our thanks go out to Udesh Ratnagopal who donated a Pool table – thank you Udesh!

Six bar stools were ordered by Dallas Martenstyn, the first of which was donated by him and four more donated by Kem Martenstyn, Mervyn Anderiesz, David Martenstyn and Ryan Ohlmus – thank you. The Bar stools cost Rs. 4,000/= each.

Dallas Martenstyn donated a professional Dart Board, darts and Carpet along with the rules and regulations – thank you.

A new Championship Carom board was donated by Carol Prins – thank you Carol. Mohan was given 20 embroidered shirt pockets with the DB Crest. These are to be put on the present shirts worn by Jerome and the other two staff members. Brass name tags too have been given to them which was all donated by Dallas Martenstyn.

Also, new Car Park boards for the Committee which were also donated by Dallas thank you.

97th Founder’s Day Celebrations

Graced by the presence of

H.E. Reynout van Dijk the Ambassador for the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sri Lanka, and Mrs van Dijk

Saturday 22nd October 2005 at 5.00 p.m. at the DBU Hall, Colombo 4

Dutch Burgher High Tea of sweets and savouries will include:

Love cake, beef patties, asparagus sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, fish stuffed capsicum, cheese bouchees, stuffed eggs, prawn pastry cups, foguete, boroa, home made ginger beer, iced coffee.

Tickets at the subsidised price of Rs.300/= per head for Members and Guests should be purchased from the Secretariat before 18th October 2005


26th November 2005 – “Spooky Night”
05th December 2005 – St. Nikolaas’ Fete

A letter received.

26th August 2005

The Secretary
The Dutch Burgher Union
114, Reid Avenue
Colombo 4

Dear Sir

I read the very interesting article “The Human Dutch Legacy” in the ‘Morning Leader’ of 24.08.05, That article evoked pleasant memories of the contribution of Dutch Burghers, made to this country by prominent Dutch Burghers in times gone by. When we were medical students in the fifties some of our finest teachers were Dutch Burghers. Dr N Bartholomeusz, Dr LDC Austin and Dr JR Blaze were classic examples of eminent Dutch Burghers in the medical field.

Actually, in my opinion, the exodus of Dutch Burghers after 1956 was a great loss to this country. There are a lot of Sinhalese who value the contribution made by the illustrious members of the Dutch Burgher Community. Also in my opinion, the fall in the standards of civility, politeness and respect for elders we see in this country today is due to the downgrading of the English language. I hope that the Dutch Burgher Union will make an impact again in the culture, ethics and education in this country.

I wish your Union all success.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely Dr K N K Wijayawardana
Former Additional Director National Hospital, Colombo

[Note: This letter of Dr Wijayawardana is In response to an article titled “THE HUMAN LEGACY: THE DUTCH BURGHERS” that was carried by the “Morning Leader” on 24th August 2005, touching briefly on the history of the DBU, its aims and objectives and its role in today’s society]

Social Welfare

One of the main functions of the DBU is Social Welfare. This onerous task is mainly possible through the kind auspices of the Eighty Club Melbourne who sponsor 134 children and 175 Welfare beneficiaries; the Burgher Association of Australia who sponsor 120 children and the Burgher Welfare League of Western Australia – 18 Welfare Beneficiaries.

Through the DBU 59 children receive educational support from local sponsors and we are deeply grateful to all our sponsors for the generous assistance received.

Personal interviews and visits to the homes are carried out regularly to make assessment and in the recent months a few recipients have been removed and replaced with more deserving cases. There is still a “wait list” in our less advantaged brethren and do please contact us if you feel you can give of your mite.

Anthea Muller
Chairperson, Social Welfare


Billiards: The billiard table has been moved into the committee meeting room, which gives a more professional and open look. It was proposed that a tournament will be organized for members only prior to looking towards tournaments with other clubs.

Darts: An in house tournament for members to be organized shortly with a view to expanding tournaments with other clubs.

Television: The TV has been shifted to the room adjoining the new billiard room.

Pool Table: The Pool table has been set up at the end of the new billiard room.


New modern caps with the DBU Crest are available for sale at the bar and the Office at only Rs.200/= each.