The Dutch Burgher Union
114, Reid Avenue, Colombo 4.
Telephone Nos: 2584511, 5331661

Newsletter – September 2006

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Member,
While reading a book on meditation I came across the following, which I would like to share with you as I feel that it is very appropriate for all of us in this day and time – “Destroy gossip by ignoring it. When a fire finishes burning through the material it feeds on, it goes out. Similarly, when gossip reaches the ear of someone who will not repeat it, it dies.

Gossip is like “tasty trifles”. We like to hear it and share it with others because it “tastes” good. Gossip is rooted in our need to feel good about ourselves. As we bring others down, we gain the illusion that we are moving upward. That is why spreading gossip is so difficult to resist. We must have the wisdom to know when to speak, what to speak, and when to simply keep our mouths shut. It is often wise to be quiet and speak few words. But if we must speak, let’s talk of those things that encourage and not those things that will discourage and hurt people.”

Jerome Speldewinde was away on holiday for two weeks and we missed him on two Fridays. He will entertain us once again on his return.

Wednesday evening is reserved for Darlan and everyone who visits the DBU on a Wednesday evening experiences the camaraderie and the fun of an evening well spent.

The Entertainment Committee has also organized a “Bingo” Night for our members and I sincerely hope that all those who enjoy a quiet ‘no band’ evening will participate.

Kern Martenstyn

Changes in the General Committee:

(1)Mr Stephen LaBrooy resigned from the General Committee in May 2006. He was felicitated by the General Committee and presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation.
(2)Mr Dallas Martenstyn was unanimously elected to fill the vacancy and also appointed Chairman of the Buildings & Gardens sub-committee.
(3Ms Kem Martenstyn was appointed to handle the Catering Services which was previously handled by Mr Dallas Martenstyn.
(4)Mrs Zorina de Alwis resigned from the General Committee in Aug.06
(5)Mr Rodney Koelmeyer was unanimously elected to fill this vacancy.

From our Entertainment Chairperson – Ms Jackie Anthonisz

Members’ BINGO Night.
Sunday, 23 September 2006

Eyes down for the first game @ 8 p.m.

Members – entrance free
Members’ guests – Rs.l 00.00 per guest
Snacks & lamprais will be on sale.
Dress Code: Strictly “Smart Casual”.

See you on the 23rd!

Wednesday, the 16th August saw a packed audience to listen to the music of Darlan and Vivien in the upstairs bar/lounge area. Saxophonist, Chinka Thenabadu joined the band-stand and added to the evening’s entertainment. The singing and the dancing went on till late into the night.

Come, visit the DBU upstairs badr/lounge area on a Wednesday night and feel better equipped to face the rest of the week – there is so much fun and relaxation! Members and their spouse are free. Members’ guests are charged Rs.150/= per guest.

An extract of a letter sent to us from a Member Without any exaggeration I can say that for me, last night was the realization of a dream!

A night where the transformation (some would say resurrection!) of the DBU was delightfully manifested. A wonderfully relaxed, sophisticated crowd evoked childhood memories of a vibrant, warm, friendly yet genteel atmosphere made all the more pronounced by our beautiful old building. There were scores of people dancing – in the open air and on the verandah – to the wonderful music of Jerome Speldewinde- a truly consummate musician – from our own community too! It was an evening of laughter, friendship, enjoyment and above all fun! A rare occasion – which I very much hope will become the norm – where the young actually outnumbered the old!! Faces that one hadn’t seen for years and years at the DBU were there. Faces that one was so delighted to see! The others who came could not fail to have been impressed and as a Burgher it made me feel very, very proud of the DBU.

Thank you Kem and the Committee for breathing life back into our beloved DBU. Long may it continue! You are doing an amazing job
Committee Chairman sub-committee members
Genealogy, Archives & Journal
Kem Martenstyn Michael Anthonisz, Dr Malcomn Jansze,
Ms Cherise Pereira
Membership Development Kem Martenstyn Stephen LaBrooy, Dallas Martenstyn
Catering Services
Kem Martenstyn Dallas Martenstyn, Mrs Mersumi
Anderiesz, Ms Cheryl de Fonseka


Mervyn Anderiesz Vernon Muller, David Grenier, Godfrey
de Kretser, Michael Anthonisz,
David Martenstyn
Entertainment & Events
Jackie Anthonisz Ms Kern Martenstyn, Carol Prins,
Beverly LaBrooy
Post Secondary & Tertiary Edu. Michael Anthonisz Warren Solomonsz,
Fund Raising
Nigel Austin Dallas Martenstyn, Ms Bobby
Jordan Hansen, Rodney Koelmeyer
A.E.Christoffelsz Child EF
Jackie Anthonisz Ms Kem Martenstyn, Mrs Cheryl de
Fonseka, Andrew Christoffelsz

Bar Secretary

Monte Holsinger Andrew Christoffelsz, Michael Daniels
Buildings & Gardens
Dallas Martenstyn Stephen LaBrooy, Christine Wallbeoff,
Ajitha Madanayake, Ms Patricia Mamelka
DBU Welfare Beneficiaries Fleur Mack Ms Kem Martenstyn, Ms Eugenie Mack,
Ms Beverly LaBrooy

Social Welfare

Anthea Muller

Kem Martenstyn, Jennifer Kelaart,
Ms Mystica Flamer-Caldera


From the Chairman – St. Nikolaas’ Home – Mr David Martenstyn

St. Nikolaas’ Home Founder’s Day – 22nd August – was celebrated in grand style at the Home. The chief guest was Dr. Rosemary Muthumanie and she was welcomed by the President of the DBU and all the Members of the General Committee.

Rev. Charlie Jansz commenced the celebration with a word of prayer, followed by a delicious lunch prepared and served by the Matron and her staff. Thank you Matron, for the well planned Founder’s Day Programme.

We warmly welcome the following new Members, Members by Invitation and Associates:

Members: Mrs Mystica Flamer-Caldera and Mr Michael Holsinger

Members by Invitation: Mrs Vilma Chapman, Mrs Deanne Munasinha, Mrs Cleonie Amarasinghe, Messrs. Desmond Vandersay, Jeff Schucroft and Winston Harris Bowen.

Associates: Ms Vasanthi Harasgama, Mrs Savitri Jayawardene, Ms Nimmi Harasgama, M/s Pratapkumar de Silva, Giles Scott, Shiran Perera, Gerald de Saram, Edward Wijesuriya, Nandalal Jayawardene & Shiran Rajakanma.


Our greetings and best wishes go out to all our Members celebrating their birthdays in September, especially to – Ms Carol Prins, Mrs Pia Dayananda, Mrs Yvonne Gulamhussein, Ms Tracyanne Holsinger, Ms Vasanthi Harasgama, Ms Litza Jansz, Ms Amelia Doreen Thiedeman, Messers Ward Beling, Winston Bowen, Graham de Kretser, Jeremy de la Zilwa, Kevin Koelmeyer, Bevin Mack, Ryan Ohlmus, jli Allan Outschoorn, Gordon Poulier, Dinesh Peiris, Stefan Schumacher and Senake Amarasinghe.

Our belated birthday greetings also go to Ms Jackie Anthonisz, Mrs Diana Soris and Mrs Anne-Marie Kellar.